libroom – The best innovation award winner Demo day in iU 2021

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NFT enables users to have multiple choice for enjoying games

Entertainment live relay delivery with the use of NFT. Users can have lots of choice to watch the game, concerts or any other live events.

libroom (Kento Imai, Shian Akiyama, Mihoko Arase, Ai Fukushima, Freshmen E 2021) , the winner of the best innovation award Demo day 2021.


libroon(今井健登 秋山志安 荒瀬美穂子 福嶋あい,1年E組)
2021年デモday 最優秀賞(1年生)

GATE – Shimura HD, winner of the best innovation award in Demo day at iU

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We have not had the compatible payment system in the metaverse yet. The members of Shimura HD notice that, when they are staying all night playing and chatting with team members. Then, the idea of GATE happened to come up.
There is no ways to pay creators or performers they love there. So, they decided to solve that problem.

Shimura Holdings: (Shinosuke Miwa, Yushi Suzuki, Haruto Suzuki, Taito Yanagi, Yuhi Nakamura, Khuukhnee Jigmed, Freshmen, D)

The best innovation award winner of Demo day 2021 at iU


志村ホールディングス(三輪親右、鈴木結心、フーフーネージグメデ、鈴木春澄、栁泰登, 中村悠飛)

2021年前期1年D組 クラス予選第2位、決勝学年デモday優勝

VBrand – Students’ Choice Award Winner 2021 iU Demoday

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VBrand, the Students choice award winner 2021, is C2C platform for D2C brand, produced by Takao “Makky” Makiguchi and Luna Goto. It enables to start the apparel brand by collecting popular Anybody can produce their apparel brands easily on VBrand.

VBrand: 後藤ルナ・牧口宝桜(2021年前期 2年D組 第1位、学年決勝大会デモday 学生投票賞受賞)

VBrand pitch in Demo day at iU, Aug 4 2021

Tinggal – Dandelion


Tinggal is the guesthouse discovery platform. An iU freshmen team called “Dandelion” develop this idea, because one of them loves traveling and found difficulty where to stay during his trip.
Tinggal is produced by the team “Dandelion” (Shota Isono, Shohei Yasuda, Saki Nakamura, Takuto Murakami, Ayumu Sato, Freshmen 2021 D)
Grand winner of the primary class contest. 3rd place for the Demo day at iU


Dandelion(磯野祥大、安田昌平、村上拓斗, 佐藤遥歩, 中村瑳希)
2021年前期1年D組 クラス予選第1位、学年決勝大会デモday 第3位

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With you – Clample

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Clample provided by “With you” (Gaku Maruyama, Takumi Noro, Sayaka Arai, Moe Yanagisawa, Yusei Nabana, sophomore D 2021)

Clample enables to keep motivation of kids to do the homework 🙂 It integrates the lock app with the quiz app. Kids can’t play games unless they finish their homework. Moms set the lock the Clample provides in order not to let kids touching games free.

Clample (WIth you, 丸山芽駆、野呂匠、柳澤萌映、荒井紗也香、菜花有生)
2021年前期2年D組 代表、決勝大会 Demo day 2位


CAPSA – 自治体災害・公共サービス相互情報提供アプリ

2020年後期 1年D組 第3位

CAPSA – 自治体災害・公共サービス相互情報提供アプリ


by “1st Take” (柳澤萌映・川野瑛士・北村祐次郎・横坂颯乙)iU 情報経営イノベーション専門職大学1年D組2020年

CAPSA: an app that shares the local community information such as the disaster prevention map.

by 1st Take (Moe Yanagisawa, Eishi Kawano, Yujiro Kitamura, Hayato Yokosaka) iU, Freshman 2020

“Still Active – 百戦錬磨 生涯現役”

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iU 2020年後期 イノプロ1年D組第2位

Still Active

by Team R70 (丸山芽駆、松田美樹、鎌田岬太郎、石井夏樹)iU 情報経営イノベーション専門職大学1年D組2020年

Still Active: a job matching system for the elderly people. It enables them to keep having jobs that brings the better QOL for them

Team R70” Gaku Maruyama, Miki Matsuda, Koutarou Kamata, Natsuki Ishii, Freshman 2020, iU

2020年後期イノプロ Demoday 優勝 – SUKUI –

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2020年後期イノプロ デモday 優勝


“SUKUI” by ぷーさんのハチミツにのりわさびを夜にぶっ駆けハント

iU 情報経営イノベーション専門職大学1年D組(2020年後期)


“SUKUI”, a solution for the food loss and waste reduction by using the dynamic pricing technology

Produced by “Pooh Bukkake Hunt”
Shohei Ohtani, Yusei Nabana, Yusuke Hakka, Taiki Hasegawa, Kohki Endo, Hiromi Yoshida, Hakubun Ryu, Takumi Fujimiya, (iU Freshman 2020)