iU Pitch fest. Winter 2022 Tokyo

Pitch fest. “THE SHOUT

13:00 – 16:10
Fubruary 2nd 2022

Seventeen student teams demonstrate their business ideas.

MC:Luna, Mame, Noi


Award winners

Freshmen(1st year)

The best innovation awardsShimura Holdings “VtoM”, Metaverse marketplace focusing on fasion.

Award winners

Sophomore(2nd year)

The best innovation awardsQlio “TraQ”, QR code platform on the delivery veichle.

Team Listing

13:00-14:30 Freshmen

FOPY : Solution for the low interests and voting rate among the young generation
Braintech: Business using the braintechnology.
FoodTrack: Food delivbery for living alone people

Dream EX (夢宅急便) : Help customers’ dreams come true
Dandelion🌻: “Woattle”, vender machine for “My Bottle”
Rinstax : Rental service for the Cheki

Naraigoto!: Matching platform for the master and the beginners
Shimura Holdings : “VtoM”, ZOZO for the metaverse

Dress App: Apparel EC platform that reccomends coordinate ideas by the artifitial intelligence
Primeg: Subscription personal gym

14:40-16:10 Sophomore

Hamkatsu : “The Origines”, animation production with DAO
CSSU Group: Nocode education platform
COLLAGE: SNS for digital creators
Qlion: QR wrapping on big vehicles
LING : “Ling✖️Ling
, matching for game players
UNICS: Renovators matching platform that specializes the accesabilty

Guest Judges

We are honored to have the business leaders for the advisory board

Karl Paiser, CEO, Mission People System
Megumi Iwamoto, Exective officer, Noritsu
Riho Hayama, Cyber Agent

Yuta Numazawa, ex-CEO, WEEKDAY


DEMO day Summer 2021

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